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Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in Local Sacramento Plumbers Services, Sacramento CA Plumbers

The way To Find And Mend A Tub Leak There are two standard forms of tub leaks-the faucet drip and underlying plumbing. The sound of water methodically dripping is a sure sign that you have a leak. If you can hear the leak, it’s also possible you may have water damage on the ceiling below the bathtub. If water is leaking through your ceiling, you need to repairthe tubt and your ceiling. The solution to tracking down and repairing a bathtub leak is particularly different depending on the characteristics of the leak. Mending a Faucet Drip Sacramento Plumbers Faucets can be one of the less difficult things in the residence to fix. If your faucet is dripping, there’s a good chance the washer or seat assembly need to be replaced. First, you’ll need to shut off the water and pull out the faucet. There should be a washer. If changing the washer does not fix the leak, then the problem is probably in the brass seat found behind the washer. You can fix it yourself if you have the right seating wrench, but it would probably be wisest to get in touch with a qualified plumber with all the knowledge, tools and parts he needs to come take care of it once and for all. The worst thing you can do in this circumstance is trying to make the leak stop by trying to force the faucet handle shut. The handle is not the problem. Bathtub LeakRepair Other bathtub leaks are, a completely different story. Whether the bathtub leak is coming from a damaged shower pan or a leaking pipe, you’ll almost always need the service of a plumbing professional or a bathtub repair professional. It may be a pain and the repair service may not be cheap, but permitting the situation go can lead to even greater issues. The most common sign that you have a bathtub leak is a water stain on the ceiling beneath the tub. Sometimes water can run along the pipes before dripping, so the water stain may not be right underneath the bathtub. If you catch the problem in time and deal with it immediately, you may be able to take care of the leak and paint over the stain on the ceiling. Otherwise, you’re looking at a drywall repair that’s going to up the overall cost of correcting the...

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